Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

So the word for today is lost – not that we lost anyone on route – 20 hours of travel and we all made it from Halifax to Toronto to Frankfurt and on to Marseilles, however my luggage got lost, or at least decided that Frankfurt was a lovely place to stay for a while.  I am hopeful that it will arrive tomorrow.  I am very glad that I packed a few clothes in my carry on case so I am not completely without clothes.

 Here we are in Marseilles after 3 flights - I only have carry on luggage.

When we arrived in Marseille we were met by lovely Viking representatives who made sure we were on the bus to be transferred to our awaiting ship, docked in Avignon about an hour away. 

After boarding the Viking Heimdal we enjoyed a lovely lunch and then a few of us decided to join a welcome walk in order to explore this quaint town on the scenic Rhône River.  There were some who chose to enjoy the sun deck and few who really needed a nap.

Later today we will have the mandatory ship safety drill followed by dinner and then we will all hope to be lost in a sea of beautiful dreams, ready to wake up in the morning and begin our first full day of touring. Hopefully my luggage will find its way to me tomorrow.


  1. Glad you arrived safe, bet there will not be to many who have to count sheep to get to sleep tonight. Have a great and wonderful day, be safe and have fun.

  2. Please tell Sally Morash that "The Cottreau Family" is following her journey!

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