Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I think the best word for today is adventure as we set off for France with a group of 19 people ready to explore the wonders of a country I have never visited. 

Travel is always an adventure and being open to new ideas, insights, foods and culture is key to having a great trip.  The reason we leave home to travel to other places is so we can experience some things which are different.  I love talking to people from others parts of the world and learning from their perspective.  With only 196 passengers on our ship we have an opportunity to connect with interesting folks.  It often seems when our group travels we pick up a few more people who simply enjoy our company.  On our last trip someone said, "I can always tell where your group is because I hear the laughter."  

When you leave on a trip you really have no idea what adventures await - oh yes we have an itinerary and a plan but that may change depending on circumstances.  It is quite possible that the second half of our trip may be altered somewhat because of the recent flooding in Paris and the north of France.  I am not worried.  We are traveling with a great company and I have every confidence that Viking will make sure we have an awesome experience.

Here is the map of our journey.  I hope you will enjoy following along with us as I chronicle some of our adventures.  I trust it will be an adventure filled with joy and laughter and we will come home with memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Have a great and wonderful trip, travel safely and may health and happiness follow you all the way there and back.


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