Saturday, 11 June 2016


Day 5 - Viviers
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
The word for today is Food.  To be perfectly honest, my word for today on any day on a Viking River Cruise could be food because food is such a large part of our ship experience.  The meals on the ship are all wonderful.  It is a good thing that we walk as much as we do because otherwise all the food would do very bad things for our waistlines.  Paul laughs at me because I take pictures of our food but I am in awe of the presentation – it is an art form in and of itself and when I make the book of our trip I always like to include at least one page of food pictures. Yesterday I took lots of pictures of food at a lovely market in Avignon.  What can I say, I love food.

This morning, we all enjoyed a walking tour of Viviers’ Old Town with its medieval and Renaissance buildings. The town is very small but it has an amazing bakery so a few of us stopped on our way back to the ship for a mid-morning delight.

Lunch was lovely as always and at 3pm this afternoon we were treated to a French Tea with more delightful French Pastries.  Traveling to new countries gives you the opportunity to try regional delicacies that you might never experience at home. I see on the menu for tonight that we can try frogs legs –not common in Halifax but oh so French.  For those not so adventurous, there is always Caesar salad. 

It has been a most enjoyable afternoon as the ship cruised past the steep banks of the Défilé de Donzère, a particularly scenic stretch along the Rhône River. We have gone through a number of locks and just enjoyed a less than busy day.

This afternoon the chef offered a galley tour which a number of our people enjoyed.  It is amazing what delicious food gets prepared in such a small space.  There are 11 people working in the kitchen, the Executive Chef, a pastry chef, 7 sous chefs and 2 dishwashers.  They work as a team to feed more than 180 guests plus the crew.   

They will soon be hard at work preparing tonight’s feast and once again we will enjoy.  

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