Thursday, 26 May 2016


Decision - What an interesting word for today considering all the big decisions I have made in my life in the last few months – biggest of all, to leave full time ministry in Cole Harbour Woodside after 26 years.

Life is a constant series of decisions – some small and seemingly inconsequential and others quite momentous and life altering.  The funny thing is that sometimes in the making of the decision we don’t realize how life altering it might be.  There was a tv show I sometimes enjoyed called “Twice in a Lifetime.” Each episode centers around one person whose life has been less than intended, filled with anger, sorrow or lost love. After death, they are given a second chance to go back in time and somehow persuade or coerce their younger self to go a different route; to make different decisions, and they only have three days to do it. Judge Othniel, whose story is told in the Book of Judges 3: 7-10, is the judge that decides on the main characters' fates.

Each return journey, or life sentence, begins with these words: You will have three days, and three days only, to change the course of your life. ... You are a free agent of the universe with the blessing of Almighty God and His court! I have been referring to my semi-retired self as a “free agent in the ecclesial universe” free to make different decisions that I could make working full time. 

Of course, “Twice in a Lifetime” is just a show and we can’t go back and change the decisions that we once made; we can make new decisions to try and alter the outcome of previous decisions but for the most part a decision will always have some effect and sometimes the effect of a decision is not revealed for quite some time.  

As we prepare for our June trip to France, I am so grateful for the decision I made back in the fall of 2008 to have dinner with Scott McWilliams so he could tell me all about Rostad Tours and the opportunity to be a Tour Host.  That decision and the subsequent decision to find a group of people to take to Europe on our first trip has paved the way to amazing travel adventures with fabulous groups of people, some who would never have traveled had we not made it possible.  

Life is all about decisions and all we can do is try and make the best decisions in every moment of our lives.  I have come to the conclusion that my life is much better when I decide to see the world with eyes of gratitude and I when I decide to follow the nudging of the Holy Spirit when she prods me to act in certain ways.

On Monday when we were at the cottage I heard from a couple of people that Barb Garnhum, a lovely woman from the congregation was in hospital and not doing well.  It was a holiday and we were coming back from Shelburne.  When we got home late in the afternoon, I had a decision to make, go to the hospital then, or wait till the morning.  I decided to go and I ended up have a beautiful conversation with Barb and her daughter.  Barbara died yesterday afternoon and I will be forever grateful that I made the decision to go and visit on Monday while she was still able to talk. 

On a lighter note Paul made a decision to plan tulips last fall and all this spring we have been reveling in their beauty.  

Today I am off to the Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference and who knows what decisions will be made there.  I do know that Lesley Hamilton, our former intern will be ordained and I am delighted to be part of that service.

As you go through your day, I invite you to think about all the decisions you will make and if you are unsure of a direction, take a minute, calm your soul and seek the guidance of the Spirit so that she might offer you wisdom.


  1. As important as the decisions are, once they are made, it is also important to not look back, but to move forward with acceptance and love. We learn from the wrong decisions, and feel affirmed by the right ones but are assured that God will love us no matter what! Alleluia!

    1. That is so true Susanna. Thanks for reading my thoughts and taking the time to comment.

    2. That is so true Susanna. Thanks for reading my thoughts and taking the time to comment.


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