Wednesday, 1 June 2016


The word I chose for this week is “harmony.” My first thought was music - I love a variety of music and I especially love it when I am singing in worship and I hear beautiful harmonies…different but complimentary notes coming together in unique and inspiring ways.  Music is much more interesting with harmony.  I am in awe when I listen to barbershop quartets who bring together such amazing harmony.  

But what about harmony and life – most of us prefer to live in harmony rather than discord.  To live in harmony is not to all be the same, but it is to live in ways which are complimentary.  In a faith community or in a family, it is important to work together, combining different gifts and idea in ways which produce something pleasing.  Landscapers work to create harmony in gardens, combining different plants that work together to complement each other.

When we live attentive to the needs of our Body, Mind and Spirit we find harmony.  I love the hymn in More Voices #82 which says 

Bathe me in your love, O Source of Awe and Wonder;
Help me walk the sacred path of harmony and peace.
May I be attentive to the musings of your presence,
Drinking from the well of hope that brings the heart release.

It is not always easy to live in harmony; sometimes we struggle to live in harmony with ourselves let alone other people.  Next week Paul and I are traveling with 17 other people on what promises to be a fabulous trip to France.  We met with many of them earlier this week to hand out tour documents and answer questions.  

Each person on the trip will bring their own unique personality and my hope is that we will both live in harmony and create beautiful harmonies as we journey together, sharing our own insights, joys and experiences.

I will be using this blog while we travel to share daily updates on our trip so feel free to check in and follow along on our adventures.

This week may you walk the path of harmony and peace.

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