Thursday, 5 May 2016


“Expectancy” – the state of thinking or hoping that something will happen or be the case – we live with expectancy.  Some of us live, always expecting the best, while others seem to live with the constant expectation that bad things will happen. I have come to believe that there is a great deal of truth in the adage, “that what you think about, you will bring about.”  If you expect good things, you will find them, if you expect bad things, you will find them as well – where do you place your focus?
There is a story told about a traveller who was on his way to a new community to set up shop and live.  On route he met someone leaving that same village and he asked, what kind of people can I expect to meet in the village?  The woman said, “What kind of people lived in the village you just left?” and the man responded, “Oh very kind and generous people, I am so sorry that I have had to move away.”   And the woman said, “Oh, no worries, you will find equally kind and generous people in this village as well.”
A little farther along, this same woman encountered another traveler heading to the same village who asked her the same question.  She in turn said to him, “What kind of people lived in the village you just left?” and this man responded, “Oh, they were mean and hateful and just so difficult to get along with – I’m glad to be leaving.”  To which the woman responded, “I’m sorry to say, that you are likely to find those same sort of people in this village.” 
What we expect to find is often what we will find.  Our minds are wired to see the outcome we are expecting which is why in research projects one has to be so careful about any kind of bias in interpreting results.
This is a time of transition for me and for the congregation of Cole Harbour Woodside.  What are our expectations?  I am expecting good things for all of us.  I am certainly living with an air of expectancy about the future – I don’t know what it will hold, but I trust it will be good. Life is Good, God is good. 

I truly hope that the folks of CHWUC are also living with expectancy and anticipation for the future.  It will be different and it will be good.  No one should expect the Rev Michael Mugford to be me, but if you expect that he will bring his best and wants nothing but the best for you, you will not be disappointed.  Our own expectations exercise a great deal of control over how we face the future.  May this day be filled with expectations of grace and blessing.

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