Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Our hotel is about an hour away from the beautiful lake district of Italy, very close to the border with Switzerland.  Today we went to Lake Como where we enjoyed a private cruise on the lake. 

We had been warned that there was a high probability of rain today so we all went with our rain jackets and umbrellas.  When we arrived in Como the sun was shining but the threat of rain still loomed so we carried our rain gear with us, thinking if we brought it, surely the rain would stay away.  For the most part, we were right.  Our cruise was lovely and we saw many very expensive villas - including this one in the picture owned by Versace, the famous Italian designer and one owned by Sophia Loren. 

George Cluney sold his a few years ago.
We saw one villa with it's own private outside elevator.

It was only as our tour was ending that the rain began.  We huddled under an awning and decided that 2 hours of free time by the lake in the rain was a bad idea. We waited for a let up in the rain and made our way to the bus, which fortunately was parked quite close by.

 We changed our plans and spent two hours in a lovely mall just outside of Milan.

It was a definite change of pace but it worked out well.  Many of us enjoyed roaming though a big Italian grocery store, comparing prices and looking at food that is not quite so common at home. 
We were back at the hotel around 4 and enjoyed some down time before dinner at 7.

Our day will start early tomorrow as we sight-see in Milan - our final day of touring before we head home.  Depending on how the day unfolds, I may or may  not get a blog uploaded.

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