Monday, 5 June 2017


Today was a travel day as we left Venice to make our way to Milan with a short stop in Verona, which like Rome, has an ancient Arena. It is used today for concerts and operas because it has excellent acoustics.

Verona was made famous by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette.  Crowds of people come to see the legendary balcony and to touch a statue of Juliette in hopes of love and virility.  As you enter the courtyard, the walls of the archway are covered in love letters and notes.

The market square is quite lovely and vendors are selling fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lots of Italian souvenirs.  I think our group are bringing home quite a few purses.

We had another unfortunate pickpocket incident when one of our group was jostled so hard that her hand come out of her purse and her cell phone was stolen.  Italy is a lovely country but the rate of crime and preying on tourists is a bit of a downer.

After lunch, which was gellato for most of us, we were back on the bus.  The sun has been shining every day of our trip and only yesterday afternoon when we were back on the bus have we seen any rain.

Today we are off to the Lake District and it looks like we may be in for some showers.

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