Friday, 26 May 2017


What an amazing day we have enjoyed together in Rome. Our tour escort Silvia met us in the lobby of the hotel for our 815 start...a little early for some but then perspective is's really not that early considering the crowds that gather at the Vatican everyday...around 25,000.

Here we are standing outside St Peter's in the Square

We toured a small portion of the Vatican museum. It houses 30,000 amazing works of art. You would need days to see it all and we only had a few hours. Everywhere we turned we saw new things and each perspective was different. Of course being in the Sistine chapel was a highlight.  Our guide had given us some ideas of what to look for but it is a bit overwhelming.  How Leonardo da Vinci painted the ceiling on his back is beyond me. One of the long halls connecting the Pope's Palace to the chapel has the ceiling covered in what looks like sculptures but it isn' is a flat ceiling.

  From my perspective it looks 3 dimensional.

St Peters basilica is huge and again it is difficult to gain any perspective on just how large. It is the largest church in the world. The entire statue of Liberty would easily fit inside.

  The alter at the front is 8 stories high and the letters you can see near the top are 7 feet tall.

When you go outside to the square once again it is difficult to gain perspective on  just how large the space is and how.many people will come and fill it. 

This afternoon we came back to the hotel to enjoy the pool and then tonight it was out for a lovely meal where again we experienced a different perspective on food...we always eat salad as a first Italy it is served just before dessert.

It was a great day, at least from my perspective.

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