Tuesday, 30 May 2017


We walked into history on Monday as we went to Pompeii an ancient Roman city that was buried under 6 meters of volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted on Aug 24, 79 BC. Our guide Monica was exceptional.  She had a degree in archeology, shared her knowledge with enthusiasm and humour and made sure we saw the highlights of the site.  She was quick to remind us that Pompeii was active 150 years before the Colosseum was built.   

At the time Pompeii was buried it was a sea port and now it is miles from the ocean. As hard as it is to believe, Pompeii was actually forgotten for 1700 years until it was discovered by accident in 1748 by a poor man digging for a well and he came upon an artifact.  Excavation went on for 200 years till 1948 and still 1/3 of the site is still buried.

We walked those ancient streets where you can see the ruts created by chariot wheels.  We perused a bath house and the red light district, where you can still see the fresco's above the doors in the brothel showing the services offered by each prostitute.  

 One could stay all day and roam the site and still not see it all.  It was an amazing morning.

We concluded our visit to Pompeii with a pizza lunch

a bit of shopping and then back to Sorrento where we had a chance to wander around, taste lemonchello, a local lemon liquor and other local products. 

Then back to the hotel where some of us went for a swim in the salt water pool. It was a fabulous day.

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