Tuesday, 20 September 2016


In my supervised Field Education class last week we had a discussion around the concept of time, in part because most of the people in the class were late for the 9am class.  Some people are almost always late for appointments, some are not comfortable unless they are 10 minutes early and others most often arrive just on time.  How our parents dealt with time, undoubtedly has an influence on how we think about time and punctuality.  

Time is one of those interesting concepts, both in terms of the hours on the clock, but also the times or seasons of our lives.  And how we spend our time is also interesting – do we spend it on things which are important or squander it away on things which are more trivial?  What is most valuable when you think of time?  Time spent at work, to earn a living; time spent with family; time to nurture your own interests - how do you balance your use of time?  Do you think about time as a finite commodity…we only get so much time, or does it seem endless? Are you happy with the way you spend your time and if not, what can you do to change things?

Time is one of those things which seems to expand or contract depending on what you are doing – time waiting for a test result seems to take forever, time spent on vacation goes by quickly.
Paul and I have both celebrated birthdays this month and we wonder where the time has gone. 
We have had a great time in Baltimore this week with Jennifer and Justin and Kim and Mitch to celebrate Paul’s birthday.

Today Kim and I went with Jennifer for her 28 week ultrasound and we got to see little “Chicklet.”…all two pounds and 10 ounces of him.  All being well, in 12 weeks or so, he will make his way into the world and we will start a new time in our lives.

Many of us are familiar with the words of Ecclesiastes 3, which starts with, "To everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven" The writer then lists a variety of times, including a "time to be born and a time to die."  We might well argue that many die to young, far before their time - but that is for another reflection.  A bit further in chapter 3, the author says, these words, which to me speak about God's desire that we find joy in the times of our lives, 

12 I have concluded that the only worthwhile thing for them is to take pleasure in doing good in life; 13 moreover, every person should eat, drink, and enjoy the benefits of everything that they undertake, since it is a gift from God.

We have had a great time being together this week and I have many things with which to fill my time, till I return to Baltimore to await the baby’s birth.  It is an exciting time in our lives and it is a gift.

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