Wednesday, 7 September 2016


So you know from last week's blog that I am back to “work” after my summer of semi-retirement. I spent time in the office this week planning worship to focus on the season of creation, a fairly new liturgical season introduced by the Lutheran Church in Australia.  This season is part of the larger season of Pentecost and offers us the opportunity to reflect more deeply on our part in this wonderous and mysterious gift of God known as creation and which God proclaimed was good.

More Voices has so many beautiful pieces of music which pick up elements of creation. I particularly love “Called by Earth and Sky” #135

Called by earth and sky
Promise of hope held high
This is our sacred living trust
Treasure of life, sanctified
Called by earth and sky

The verses go on to speak of the preciousness of water, air, land and fire and our responsibility to passionately care for all that has been entrusted to us.

There is something in the power of nature and its many expressions that speaks to my soul; from the awesome power of storm, to the magical moments under a star lit sky; to the sweeping grain across a prairie field or the serenity of early morning looking over the lake at the cottage or sunset when the day is done.

There is also something incredible about the ability of nature to heal the earth when we leave it alone.  I remember a TLC show that postulated what would happen to the earth if humans were no longer present.  It was amazing how quickly the earth would return to its prehuman state and most signs of human presence would be eliminated.  When I ponder the power of creation, I am reminded how small and insignificant my part is in it.

The refrain for Psalm 148 in More Voices says:

Let the whole creation cry, “Glory be to God on high”

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